Tatelie Unique Iron-Ons

Glenda from Tatelie Unique Iron-Ons reached out in Spring 2019 for help on her logo design. I was honored she hired me, not only because I interned for her in college but also because I was one of her first customers when starting her Etsy shop in 2017! (That’s my graduation and brother photo bombing above.)

I kept the design minimal for the logo. The southwest heavily inspires Glenda’s work so I decided to blend that with a literal representation of her shop, a pair of scissors. (Tatelie is a variation of the Yaqui word for beauty, ‘tutuli’.) To continue pulling from the desert I selected a turquoise as the primary color of the brand.

I also designed a decorative logo for Glenda to use for markets, packaging, etc. It takes direct inspiration from the papel picado, elaborate paper decorations from Mexico. Additional packaging prototypes were made with the decorative logo as well.

The decorative papel picado logo for event use.

The packaging back prototype for graduation cap iron-ons.
The packaging front, where the iron-on would sit.