Recital 2019

The Heart & Soul recital was a very fun (and rewarding!) project to help on. While the studios are recreational, we like to hold an annual dance showcase for families to see how much their children are progressing in classes. Usually it’s the first time that many of the students are performing on a stage which means lots and lots of excitement, like the little one below who was just so happy to be on the stage.

The Heart & Soul red is very vibrant and I typically try to use it only for accents. When it came to building the emails and collateral for the recital I went for a creamy orange and a pastel version of the red. Any information that went out to families was immediately recognizable as ‘recital’ thanks to this color scheme.

All information and deadlines were communicated over email so parents could reference as needed. We decided to not engage with potential audiences and instead focus on getting as many of our current students to enroll as a way to encourage consistent summer class enrollment.

Overall, the recital was a massive success! Participation was up 160% from 2018 and we received great feedback on social media from parents. We will be releasing this rewind video in the July newsletter to encourage DVD sales.