MAW Studios Copy

This project has been put on hold, but I am particularly proud of this piece of copy. Mark of MAW Studios runs an incredible operation where he builds beautiful gravity-defying metal sculptures for public consumption and private collectors. Mark and I connected over his desire to build a shop and commission page to encourage more national sales and recognition.

My challenge with this copy was to capture Mark’s quiet and intense demeanor in real life while making a strong lasting impression on potential clients digitally.

Commission Copy:

MAW Studio is pleased to offer custom environmental art pieces for private collectors, galleries, businesses, and municipalities. Each piece is wholly-unique, taking into consideration the surrounding space, textures, and environment. Mark works with the buyer throughout the process, ensuring that he stays true to the bold and free-flowing nature of his art while delivering a finished piece that will be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Please email MAW Studios with your specs and well-lit photos of the space. The studio will be in touch in 3-5 business days to discuss ideas, project timeline, and give you a quote.

Gallery Shop Copy

MAW Studio ready-to-purchase pieces are one of a kind. The gallery shop is ever-changing with new items from Mark’s current work along with limited releases from the MAW Studio vault. Browse the MAW Gallery Shop to find your next favorite piece.

Gempisheres Description

The Gemisphere is the MAW Studio answer to where to place your beautiful collection of precious gems, minerals, and fossils. Each Gemisphere is sculpted to frame your item with a prong setting support in the center of the sphere. Gemispheres can be ordered in commission to size.