Influencing on a Budget

Category is: budget fashion realness!

Alexa and I met for a different work project and ended up extending our time to talk about the world of influencing, Instagram, and connecting with a digital community. She had worked in fashion buying for a major retailer before moving back to Tucson and missed sharing what she loved.

We met the following week for a crash-course on Instagram and a discussion on strategic ways to build a following. During our meeting, we set up a simple outline of a business plan that included the major three points- the mission, what she values, and rules for herself. Alexa decided to focus her account on sharing the tips and secrets of the trade by bringing fashion to an attainable level for her friends and family.

After we finished discussing hashtags, tagging brands, and networking through Instagram, we headed to downtown Tucson to work on photos. I showed her things like how to make the most of her phone camera and how to use sunlight to her advantage. We prepped her with a stock of several outfits to start posting (my favorite being the citrus mural photos)

I am excited to see where Alexa goes with her influencing and have already started taking advantage of her budget fashion tips!