Beyond the Studio

‘Beyond the Studio’ is a campaign focused on building brand awareness for Heart & Soul Kids Activity Center. As they have grown, so has the surrounding community. For six years Heart & Soul has maintained a stronghold on their position as the only recreational studio in their geographic location. When other gyms began to appear in the area, the management team felt like it was time for a collateral refresh leading to ‘Beyond the Studio’.

The collateral focal point of the campaign was a series of three posters that were put up in our community’s favorite pediatrician offices, family dentists, and health-oriented local businesses. For the posters and social media imagery we collected a series of photos from the past year that reflect confidence, excitement, and positivity to the audience. The motto ‘Do everything with your Heart & Soul’ was used on the posters to convey that what kids learn at the studio goes so much further than those four walls.

To encourage goodwill branding we put out a post on Facebook asking the Heart & Soul community to share their favorite local businesses with us. We then took goodie baskets filled with healthy foods, coupons, and the posters to several of those businesses.

We launched ‘Beyond the Studio’ in mid-May (2019) and have had a great reaction to it so far. Typically, the summer months have represented a major drop in classes due to swim season and family travels. This year, thanks in part to the campaign (and other marketing efforts to be shared soon) Heart & Soul had 3.5x the amount of enrollments of May 2018.

It’s marketing activities like this that remind me that this field is so much more than pushing products to an audience. It’s about building relationships with partners in the community and showing a love for our families that goes beyond the studio.